Originating from art

Mayo 19, 2017

Fashion Designer: Camila Isabel @ByCamilaisabel
Photographer: Carlos Ramos @Cramos7
MUA: Stephanie Moreno @pandora_makeup
Art Direction: Josselin Chalbaud @josschalbaud
Models: Antonia Díaz @antoniadiazd
                  Valerie Finlay @valeriefinlayd
Handbags:  Viviana Cavalcanti @santavivabeach


1 era foto despues del primer parrafo .j

The editorial ORIGINATING FROM ART is a project that started from a combination of perfect teamwork. Carlos Ramos, the photographer, and myself have worked together on projects where we aim to create and transmit a statement of visually aesthetic materials. This was no exception…


In this opportunity we gathered with Stephanie, the makeup artist, better known as @pandora_makeup. She herself presents a creation, perfectly blended with both the trend and concept we were looking for.

Josselin, our art director and I had a brainstorming session which led to my idea of blending the background, which Josselin with her skills brought to life.

Our models, quite different from one another, provided the colors needed to transmit what we were looking for. Antonia as a dark colored girl and Valerie as a blonde, respectively. 


“Santa Viva Beach” was responsible for the accessories. They gave reality and strength to the monochromatic pallet and poses that the models showed.

tercera foto despues del segundo parrafo

Everyone took an important role in the final results, as ilustrated in the meaning of this collections Between Ties. The connections and relationships between all human beings. In this context I always recall a phrase, "it's not about getting far but rather with who".


This editorial exhibits the designs of my newest second collection. It aims to offer different combinations as options when getting dressed or acquiring any new pieces.

My main objetive when creating my designs is to create a piece of work that doesn’t leave aside art. The final idea that we want to express is that the models were created from the buckets of paint. The color pallet used for the outfits are the same colors that were chosen by the models from paint, and in so doing, we created something beautiful,

We sincerely hope that you like it.

Camila Isabel